Friday, December 30, 2005

Some Arguments Against Intelligent Design

There's no God because bad things happen.
(And I'm not open to any explanation why.)

There's no God because nature includes bad designs.
(According to my preconceptions about engineering.)

There's no need for God because evolution explains everything anyway.
(As long as you can make up enough 'just-so' stories.)

God's existence can't be proven.
(As long as you only accept a certain kind of narrowly-defined proof.)

None of the really smart people believe in a Designer.
(And we should always follow the crowd.)

God's existence has been indisputably disproven by a really smart guy (not in the room at the time) who wrote a really decisive book (also not in the room) setting out incontrovertible arguments (which would require us to spend several hundred hours in the room together in order to read and understand them).

AB -- 12/30/05

Why some people think they deserve to be rich

When all the lights are green, it's easy to think God is on your side.

AB -- 12/30/05